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Crisp Point 2

This picture is used with the permission of Thom Meinert, country music, singer-songwriter musician.  Thom commissioned me in 2007 to help him develop a lighthouse theme for his new record label.  I placed Thom at one of my favorite lighthouses, Crisp Point, about twenty miles west of Whitefish Point in Michigan's UP.  It's a beautiful place to complement the beauty of Thom's music.  Although Thom has been in the business for years, he recently has bubbled to the top with several solid hits that have universal appeal.  Listen to the clips from his "Darling" and "Peaceful Someday" at his website and enjoy his rich baritone voice now heard across the world.  Then, please do buy from Thom!  

Crisp Point 2 with Thom Meinert
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