Welcome to "Bill Mitchell Lighthouse Art", revison 2020.  I first built this site in 2006 with Siteground's free Zen design tool.  In 2019 Siteground discontinued Zen support, which forced me to rebuild the site with a new design tool.  I chose Joomla with the goal of making a full rebuild by the summer of 2020.  Hopefully this rebuild will not be too disruptive for anyone, especially a regular, who visits my site.  Thanks for your patience, as I am still on the Joomla learning curve. 

So, what is the first sketch that I show to you?  Not a lighthouse, but a picture  of me. I have included it for two reasons: first it quickly shows you an example of my current sketch style, and second I am curious if any of my Mason City, IA, 1966 classmates would recognize me.  Probably not, although I often did draw toads and elephants back then.  Why?  I have no idea!



Bill Mitchell Lighthouse Art - March 5, 2020