You can purchase any of my sketches in a matted print or a note card pack.  Price is $8.00 per item which includes tax and shipping within the continental USA.  PayPal processes all transactions.  

When you click on the "Options" tab in the order form below, you will see that there are four item choices.  Select your choice by clicking on it.

  • plain note card pack
  • holiday note card pack
  • black matted print
  • red matted print

Each note card pack includes ten envelopes and ten 4.25"x5.50“ plain note cards or holiday note cards.  The latter adds a small Christmas wreath to each card.  Each matted print is 8"x10" with either a 1.5" red mat border or a 1.5" black mat border over a 5"x7" picture.  If you click on the "Products" page, you can see examples of all these choices, where I have used Big Sable 2 as the sketch scene. 

I have included over fifty sketches on this website, most of them lighthouses, from which you can choose.  Type your choice into the "Sketch Description" box in the order form below.  Copy and paste from the list below, if this is easier for you to do.

Asylum Point 1, Badger 1, Beaver Island 1, Big Sable 2, Big Sable 3, Big Sable 4, Big Sable 5, Big Sable 6, Big Sable Sable 7, Big Sable 8, Bodie Island 1, Brucemore 2, Buckstaff 1, Cape Elizabeth (1), Cape Elizabeth (2), Cape Hatteras 1, Chicago Harbor 1, Copper Harbor 1, Crisp Point 1, Currituck 1, Evanston 1, Frankfort 3, Grand Haven 2, Grand Haven 3, Grand Island 1, Grays Reef 1, Guard Island 1, Holland 2, Jacobsville 1, Lakeside 1, Little Sable 2, Ludington N Breakwater 2, Ludington N Breakwater 3, Mackinac City 2, Manistee 2, Marblehead 2, McGulpin Point 1, Muskegon  2, Mystic 1, Navajo Ridge 1, New Presque Isle 2, North Manitou 1, North Point 1, Ocracoke 1, Old Presque Isle 2, Pilot Knob 1, Point Betsie 2, Point Betsie 3, Point Iroquois 1, Point Judith 1, Portsmouth Harbor 1, Roanoke Marshes 1, Round Island 2, Sand Hills 2, Sapelo Island 1, South Haven 1, Split Rock 1, St Helena 1, St Joseph 1, St Simons Island 1, Sturgeon Point 2, Toledo Harbor 1, Two Harbors 1, Waugoshance 1, White River 2, White Shoals 1, Whitefish Point 3.

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Bill Mitchell Lighthouse Art - March 4, 2020


Sketch Description: